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Well, when you set a target too close, you run the risk of whiplash. SO I was whiplashed in gold today, but I still don't believe it . . .yet.

The criminals at the European Central Bank left interest rates unchanged today at 0.75%. Bank of England miscreants did the same, but at 0.5%. And there's no Spanish bailout yet.

Dollar index closed below my 79.40 target, losing 56.7 basis points (0.73%) to 79.344. Are my eyes seeing something my brain's not aware of? That ought to take the dollar down, so why am I doubting? It's mighty perilous to fight the tape.

Maybe the reason is that the closes in the dollar & in silver & gold today are not unequivocal. The euro gained 0.88% to $1.3019 (€0.7681), on what news? On Super Mario Draghi's gas-filled boast that central bank actions have "alleviated tensions" in the euro zone. Gas, pure gas, but the currency markets bought it.

Euro popped its head above the downtrend line but stands a long way from the mid-September high at $1.3172. RSI & MACD both point to lower prices.

Yen just stayed in yesterday's range, waltzing with its 50 DMA (127.54c). Closed 127.45c (Y78.46), up 0.05%.

Stocks, like currencies, feed on bloviation. They're like air ferns, but they feed on gas. Dow rose 80.75 (0.8%) to 13,575.36. S&P500 gained 10.41 (0.72%) to 1,461.40. Stocks are wanting to rise, but are slow about it.

Gold made a slightly greater high for the move today at $1,794.90. It augmented $16.80 to close at $1,794.10. Low was a lofty $1,779.88.

Yes, yes, that bested the $1,790 line I drew in the sand yesterday, & maybe I am only fighting the tape, but why didn't it clear $1,800? Why can I see nothing but a broadening top since mid-September? And the same in silver? Yes, a consolidation can resemble a broadening top, until it breaks out upward, yes, I know that.

And that silver really puts the brakes on me. It gobbled up 41 cents today to close above 3500c at 3504.1. High was 3509, low 3465c.

But why in the aftermarket is silver trading at 3485.5c? And gold below $1,790 at $1,787.90.

Then platinum & palladium argue the other way. They were like two drunks with a charge card in a liquor store today. Platinum burst through $1,700 to $1,721.20, up $30.90. Palladium rose $16.85 to $673.10. That brings platinum plumb up to & barely past its last (September) high. But couldn't that be a double top? And it it spent nearly three weeks correcting, why is it so overbought again today? And palladium's close was $30 lower than its September high.

So silver & gold along with platinum & palladium are tugging at the chain like they're dying to run off, & for some reason I can't identify I'm distrustful & doubting. Maybe I'm just out of synch with the market. Maybe I need to wind my watch. I reckon when you're nothing but a natural born fool from Tennessee it's bound to catch up with you sooner or later.

On 4 October 1535 the first complete English translation of the Bible was printed in Zurich, Switzerland. As it turned out, Henry VIII was right to fear it, because the Bible in vernacular languages would turn England & Europe upside down.

Argentum et aurum comparanda sunt —
Silver and gold must be bought.

— Franklin Sanders, The Moneychanger

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4-Oct-12 Price Change % Change
Gold, $/oz 1,794.10 16.80 0.95%
Silver, $/oz 35.04 0.41 1.18%
Gold/Silver Ratio 51.200 -0.121 -0.24%
Silver/Gold Ratio 0.0195 0.0000 0.24%
Platinum 1,721.20 30.90 1.83%
Palladium 673.10 16.85 2.57%
S&P 500 1,461.40 10.41 0.72%
Dow 13,575.36 80.75 0.60%
Dow in GOLD $s 156.42 -0.52 -0.33%
Dow in GOLD oz 7.57 -0.03 -0.33%
Dow in SILVER oz 387.41 -2.25 -0.58%
US Dollar Index 79.34 -0.57 -0.71%
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SPOT GOLD: 1,787.90      
GOLD Fine Tr.Oz. BID ASK $/oz
American Eagle 1.00 1,834.39 1,849.39 1,849.39
1/2 AE 0.50 911.32 938.65 1,877.30
1/4 AE 0.25 460.13 473.79 1,895.17
1/10 AE 0.10 189.41 193.99 1,939.87
Aust. 100 corona 0.98 1,743.74 1,754.50 1,789.94
British sovereign 0.24 420.87 424.87 1,804.89
French 20 franc 0.19 333.80 337.80 1,809.32
Krugerrand 1.00 1,803.99 1,818.99 1,818.99
Maple Leaf 1.00 1,797.90 1,817.90 1,817.90
1/2 Maple Leaf 0.50 885.01 929.71 1,859.42
1/4 Maple Leaf 0.25 442.51 473.79 1,895.17
1/10 Maple Leaf 0.10 177.00 193.09 1,930.93
Mexican 50 peso 1.21 2,138.25 2,155.25 1,787.55
.9999 bar 1.00 1,794.16 1,805.16 1,805.16
SPOT SILVER: 34.86      
SILVER Fine Tr.Oz. BID ASK $/oz
VG+ Morgan $B4 1905 0.77 26,000.00 27,750.00 36.27
VG+ Peace dollar 0.77 25,000.00 27,500.00 35.95
90% silver coin bags 0.72 24,742.58 24,992.58 34.95
US 40% silver 1/2s 0.30 10,090.48 10,290.48 34.88
100 oz .999 bar 100.00 3,485.50 3,535.50 35.36
10 oz .999 bar 10.00 353.55 356.05 35.61
1 oz .999 round 1.00 34.71 35.56 35.56
Am Eagle, 200 oz Min 1.00 36.46 37.11 37.11
SPOT PLATINUM: 1,721.20      
Plat. Platypus 1.00 1,746.20 1,786.20 1,786.20
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