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Now here's a news item that would warm a banker's ventricles: Fannie Mae & Freddie Mac, the Franken-lenders sponsored by the yankee government, will suspend "some" foreclosures for the holidays. Just brings a tear to the eye, don't it?

The US dollar index at last fell through support at 80, which might break up the congestion in other markets. Closed today at 79.917, down 6.4 basis points, not a significantly sized drop but a significantly placed one. Punches through the 50 day moving average and that mid channel support reaching back to July 2011. Bad juju. Dollar is straining at the leash to move lower.

Yen and Euro fed off the dollar's fall. Euro climbed 0.52% to $1.3055, through $1.30 & all the way to the short term downtrend line from the previous two peaks. If the euro can burst that resistance, it can reach $1.3400.

Yen rose 0l30% to 121.62 cents/Y100. That filled the gap left on Friday, but not much more.

US$1=Y82.22=E0.7660=0.029 690 oz Ag=0.000 582 oz Au.

Stocks finally breached the downtrend line last week, but couldn't guess what to do today. Dow lost 59.98 (0.46%) to 12,965.60, closing below its 200 DMA (12,996). S&P500 looks much better. It lost 6.72 (0.47%) to 1,409.46 & remains above both its 200 DMA & 20 DMA, & today actually touched its 50 DMA. Don't let my kind words confuse you: I still don't want to own stocks.

Stocks valued in silver and gold are near the bottom (and past, for gold) of a congestion stretching back to September. Next big move will be down.

Silver gained 47.7 cents to 3368.1 & gold added $8.70 to $1,719.60. That thrills me none at all.

Today I am going to tell y'all all the things I DON'T like about silver & gold right now.

Gold's chart has become equivocal. The MACD might be fixing to blow a negative crossover. The RSI is drifting. Gold has been moving sideways since mid October, and last week, after outlining an upside down head and shoulders, came back to the neckline rather than breaking away from it. Nasty too, is gold's location below its 20 DMA ($1,724.92).

Today gold closed up $8.70, but without enough skyward conviction to get over $1,725 resistance & that 20 DMA.

Nothing goes sideways forever. Gold must either climb to $1.755 & better that last peak, or fall back toward the early November low at $1,672.50.

There are things I don't like about silver, too, but not as many. RSI is headed down from a November high. MACD might be crossing over downside. Volume is rising on the falls, and falling on the rises, like gold's.

But silver also offers things to like, things gainsaying gold's gloom. Silver has unequivocally trended up since that early November low, up and out of that upside-down head & shoulders, as it should. It stands above its 20 DMA (32.97) & 50 DMA (3314c).

What I don't like about silver's strength against gold's is that often -- not always, but often -- silver strength appears late in any move. But silver can also lead the way up early in a rally, too.

I went back & checked the bull market Decembers, those through 2001. I keep telling y'all that December normally is a strong month seasonally for silver & gold, but I hadn't looked at it from this angle. I compared the last trading day of November to the last trading day of December. Of those 11 years, both metals rose seven years out of eleven. All Decembers averaged for silver show a 0.65% rise and for gold 1.06%. Average of the downs took silver lower a painful 12.36% while the up years saw it gain 8.9%. Gold's average of losing Decembers was -6.08%, of gaining Decembers plus 5.14%.

Of course, those are all just dead numbers. An average takes a fellow who makes $15,000 a year & adds him to a fellow making $1,000,000 a year & invents a mythical man who makes $507,500 a year. That predominance of up Decembers carries more weight with me.

What persuades me more that I am right & that the next big silver & gold rally has begun is that all this is happening after a 1-1/2 year and 1 year correction in silver & gold. Just not time for another big fall, unless something goes horribly awry.

Here are the boundaries: gold must clear $1,755 and not fall through $1,705. Silver must o'erleap 3450c and must not fall below 3314c (50 DMA & uptrend line). In any event, those "averages" I quoted say that the maximum downside for silver is 2910c & for gold is $1,594. Gold will lay bare its intentions in the next day or two.

If they break, likelier downside targets are support at $1,640 & 3050c.

Bear in mind I'm not an optimist or pessimist on silver or gold, I am merely riding the bull market & for entertainment meantime reading the charts. It appears to me still that the correction from the August-September rise has been completed, but another leg down is possible. Longer metals stall here, more likely that becomes.

On 3 December 1468 Lorenzo the Magnificent & his brother Guiliano succeeded their father, Piero de Medici, as rulers of Florence, Italy, nominally a republic.

On 3 December Tennesseean Andrew Jackson was elected president of the United States.


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Argentum et aurum comparanda sunt —
Silver and gold must be bought.

— Franklin Sanders, The Moneychanger

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Platinum 1,612.30 9.20 0.57%
Palladium 689.45 3.20 0.47%
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French 20 franc 0.19 320.47 324.47 1,737.92
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