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Here's a timely video about how to answer agents or policemen at a checkpoint, or how NOT to answer their questions to preserve your rights. Fourteen minutes 42 seconds, & priceless.

In the face of the propaganda barrage & the bewildering red herrings the news constantly throws at you, you must remember one thing: monetary demand, & only monetary demand, drives bull markets in silver and gold. Everything else is mere noise: deflation scares, fiscal cliffs, sequestrations, FOMC minutes, Bernanke statements, and all the rest of it. Red herrings, false spoor. Inflation causes monetary demand, & inflation is not about to disappear.

Humans are herd animals, so they are most comfortable following the lemmings, buying when the crowd buys and selling when the crowd sells. Since the crowd maketh never no money, you must learn to conquer that urge to follow the crowd, keep your head, sell when smugly comfortable and buy when terrified.

I am constitutionally suspicious, I reckon. Why that little divergence between the Dow & the S&P500? Dow has made a new high, but S&P500 has not yet exceeded its 2007 high of 1,565.15.

Dow rose 50.22 (0.35%) to close near the high at 14,447.29, it's seventh new high in a row. Ditto the S&P500, up 5.04 today (0.32%) at 1,556.22.

Also, the charts differ. While the Dow has broken out above the top jaw of its megaphone, it still contains the S&P500.

How are stocks behaving against gold & silver? The Dow in Gold has barely inched higher, closing today at 9.16 oz (G$189.354 gold dollars). That fulfills my upside target of 9.12.

Dow in Silver has also crept up, reaching 500.72 oz today. Top here is about 510 oz.

US dollar hit 82.92 on Friday, near about fulfilling that 83 target. Looked a bit peaked today, falling off 14.5 basis points (0.2%) to 82.575. Remains in a steep & unbroken uptrend.

Yen broke down last week to a new low for the move, and today lost 0.29% to close at 103.89 cents/Y100. Appears the Japanese politicians & central bank have made a deal with the Federal Reserve (the hegemon) & its clients (ECB, etc.) to let the yen fall even further. That has taken pressure off the euro, which has cheapened against the yen, but now the Japanese are stealing a march on the Germans again.

Some things you don't see often, & one of 'em is a flat silver & gold market. For eight days they've hardly moved. Last Wednesday gold even closed unchanged!

Today gold gained $1.20 to close at $1,577.80 while silver lost 9.7 cents, ending at 2881.2 cents. Gold ranged today from $1,582.80 to $1,576.48, about the same range it's measured the last week & a day, $1,585 - $1,565. 'Twas encouraging to see gold slammed on Friday down to $1,564.30, a new low for the move, but close at $1,576.60. Apparently down around $1,565 the sellers evaporate while the buyers materialize.

Gold is flashing all the signs of a severely oversold market, with market sentiment at a 10 year extreme low as well as Commitments of Traders shorts. Friday may well have marked the low, the last test, but I reserve the possibility we could see one more down to that last low at $1,554.30.

The bears gave silver the same roughing up on Friday, but silver, too, clawed its way back. Silver, too, has ranged very narrowly in the past eight days. Today it pushed toward the top of that range at 2909, with a low at 2872.4c.

This is a waiting game. If you don't believe silver & gold have seen their lows, you wait. I am encouraged by Friday's performance when they refused to break to lower levels. However, we need some confirmation on the upside, with silver climbing above 2950c and gold over $1,600.

A top draweth nigh in stocks and a bottom in silver & gold. If you still have stocks, markets are handing you an opportunity to sell stocks & roll the proceeds into metals. Crazy? That's what the lemmings think.

On 11 March 1918 the first confirmed cases of the Spanish Flu appeared in soldiers at Fort Riley, Kansas. From 100 men, within days the sick's ranks grew to 522. It was a worldwide pandemic in 1918 and 1919. An estimated 10% to 20% of the infected died, killing as much as 3 - 6% of the world population. In it first 25 weeks it may have killed 25 million. Current estimates give 50 - 100 victims world wide. It may have killed more than the Black Death of the 14th century. The flue killed mostly young adults 20 - 40, and came in two waves, the second much more deadly.

Argentum et aurum comparanda sunt —
Silver and gold must be bought.

— Franklin Sanders, The Moneychanger

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11-Mar-13 Price Change % Change
Gold, $/oz 1,576.60 1.80 0.11%
Silver, $/oz 28.91 0.14 0.49%
Gold/Silver Ratio 54.537 -0.207 -0.38%
Silver/Gold Ratio 0.0183 0.0001 0.38%
Platinum 1,601.90 -27.00 -1.66%
Palladium 780.65 -3.55 -0.45%
S&P 500 1,541.18 -3.08 -0.20%
Dow 14,397.07 62.21 0.43%
Dow in GOLD $s 188.77 0.62 0.33%
Dow in GOLD oz 9.13 0.03 0.33%
Dow in SILVER oz 498.01 -0.30 -0.06%
US Dollar Index 82.77 0.65 0.79%
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SPOT GOLD: 1,581.70      
GOLD Fine Tr.Oz. BID ASK $/oz
American Eagle 1.00 1,624.41 1,634.69 1,634.69
1/2 AE 0.50 810.11 836.32 1,672.65
1/4 AE 0.25 409.01 426.07 1,704.28
1/10 AE 0.10 165.97 173.59 1,735.92
Aust. 100 corona 0.98 1,547.38 1,553.38 1,584.76
British sovereign 0.24 374.57 384.57 1,633.67
French 20 franc 0.19 295.30 298.30 1,597.77
Krugerrand 1.00 1,604.70 1,614.70 1,614.70
Maple Leaf 1.00 1,591.70 1,606.70 1,606.70
1/2 Maple Leaf 0.50 909.48 830.39 1,660.79
1/4 Maple Leaf 0.25 403.33 423.10 1,692.42
1/10 Maple Leaf 0.10 167.66 172.41 1,724.05
Mexican 50 peso 1.21 1,897.36 1,913.06 1,586.68
.9999 bar 1.00 1,587.24 1,598.24 1,598.24
SPOT SILVER: 29.02      
SILVER Fine Tr.Oz. BID ASK $/oz
VG+ Morgan $B4 1905 0.77 30.50 34.00 0.04
VG+ Peace dollar 0.77 28.00 31.00 0.04
90% silver coin bags 0.72 21,428.55 21,678.55 30.32
US 40% silver 1/2s 0.30 8,192.15 8,562.15 29.02
100 oz .999 bar 100.00 2,902.00 2,942.00 29.42
10 oz .999 bar 10.00 295.20 296.20 29.62
1 oz .999 round 1.00 29.12 29.57 29.57
Am Eagle, 200 oz Min 1.00 30.27 31.37 31.37
SPOT PLATINUM: 1,601.90      
Plat. Platypus 1.00 1,626.90 1,666.90 1,666.90
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