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Things have gotten so irrational, so senseless, that I feel like I'm trapped in a Salvador Dali painting called "Central Banks" where currencies are melting over tree-limbs and table edges. Nothing adds up.

Today, if you can believe the news reports, a questionable proposition to begin with, as Ben The Bodacious spoke to congress, all the markets swayed first one way, then the other, according as his words indicated he would create more money or less. Lo, friends! This scoots beyond Preposterous, through Absurd, & all the way to Harebrained, yet people whose drivers licenses claim they are "adults" are buying all this.

Buying what? First, the asinine & numberless-times disproved concept that a nation can inflate its way to prosperity (disproved lately by Zimbabwe). Second, that stocks will become more valuable (intrinsically) if Bernanke prints more money. Third, that once he started printing, he could ever withdraw that money or stop, let alone stop quickly, and thus drive down the prices of silver & gold. There are words for this: wacky, daft, deranged, dotty, idiotic, nuts, silly, stupid, and irrational. And loony. I left out loony.

I think the media are complicit with this. Look at the pictures they publish of Bernanke, always looking like the wise & knowing sphinx. You can't kid me -- somewhere they have pictures of him digging in his nose for the Big One, but they never publish that.

Now, to today's markets:

On balance stocks took Bernanke's on-again/off-again testimony as an unfriendly gesture. Dow peeled off 80.41 points ( -0.52%) from yesterday after reaching a new all-time intraday high. Ditto for the S&P500, which shucked 13.81 (0.83%) to close at 1,655.35.

Nor did I overlook that both posted today the first half of a key reversal (trading into new high ground with a lower close). If they close lower tomorrow, stocks will have nailed their coffin lid shut. If.

What about the Dow measured by metals? The Dow in Gold was basically unchanged today, actually a little lower if you measure it Dow close to gold close, 11.19 oz today versus 11.17 yesterday.

Dow in Silver chipped off 4.07 oz to close 681.59 oz. It will drop down through the uptrend line about 675 oz.

Currency markets took Bernanke's Blathering to mean a higher dollar. Let's see, "I'm going to continue inflating the currency" translates to a higher dollar price? Loony. Dollar rose 55.5 basis points (0.71%) climbing back above the 84 mark to 84.319. Uptrend intact. Japanese yen backed off 0.45% to 97.12 cents/Y100. Euro lost 0.43% to $1.2853. Nonetheless, an idea worth pondering is a lower dollar.

Gold today lost $10.20 to end at $1,367.60. Silver gained 1.6 cents to end at 2245.8c.

I think analysts are really unimaginative & thickheaded to blame every market move on government manipulation, but durned if today didn't smell like the Fulton Fish Market. Or maybe it was simply the Magic of the Ben. I checked gold early this morning, about 6:30 my time, and it was up over $1,400. About 10:30 it gapped down from $1,385 to $1,381, traded sideways until 2:00 p.m., then gapped from $1,370 to $1,365. Low was $1,357.36. What left my mouth gaping? That jump up this morning was consistent with Monday's reversal. More, Bernanke actually said that he was going to CONTINUE (as in "keep on") inflating the currency.

Silver played out the same steps. Climbed to 2286c early in the day, then began falling off about 11:30, then sagged badly after 2:00 to a low at 2238.7. It ended the day up a nothing 1.6 cents.

Well, step back a little and look at a longer term chart. Gold and silver remain above their Monday lows, but we still ought to beware waxing too cocksure about that double bottom. Gold needs to close above $1,550 [sic] and silver above 2700 cents, the points where they broke down in April, to confirm a double bottom. Problem is, if you wait for that confirmation to begin buying, you will have completely missed the lows.

I interviewed James Turk of GoldMoney today. He said something very interesting: "I expect gold to finish the year higher, as it did in 2008." I've known him for over 25 years, and, of course, he hasn't always gotten the market right. But he has a clear vision of the future, and if delayed sometimes, it is still sure.

I don't much care whether the government is manipulating prices lower to punish & frighten silver & gold investors, or it's a normal market correction. Makes no difference, because both gold & silver are moving much, much higher. And not even the goofs who run the central banks can stop that.,

On 22 May 1856 South Carolina Representative Preston Brooks caned Massachusetts Senator Charles Sumner on the floor of the US Senate. This was in retaliation for a speech in which Sumner attacked Brooks' uncle, Senator Andrew Butler. Brooks resigned his seat, but the people of South Carolina re-elected him. Brooks had thought about challenging Sumner to a duel, but decided that since Sumner was no gentleman, another weapon was required more suitable to the offender.

Argentum et aurum comparanda sunt —
Silver and gold must be bought.

— Franklin Sanders, The Moneychanger

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