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When it comes to smoking dope, Bernard O'Bama thinks it's no worse than alcohol. One wonders whether one reaches that conclusion from smoking too much dope, or not drinking enough beer.

To be clear, I oppose prohibition. I think smoking dope is nature's way of bleaching out the gene pool, but if people want to burn up their brain cells that way, have at it. The War on Drugs has only eaten away at constitutional protections and created a drug law enforcement industry, not to mention a prison industry, a vast, lucrative black market, and millions of new dope-smokers. Ditto alcohol Prohibition.

But I have to wonder why Obama is so selectively constitutional. He supports the right to smoke dope, but not freedom from warrantless searches, freedom from torture, the right to earn a living freely, and the right to life. I reckon I'm just such a nacheral born durned fool it's too complicated for me to understand. Or then again, maybe it might be easier for a police state to control a nation of dope smokers. I ain't smart enough to tell the difference.

By the way, waste not your precious time writing me smoking hot emails about the blessings of marijuana. I'm old and I've known too many people who have betrayed every loyalty and ruined their lives for marijuana. Why do you think they call it dope? To be fair, lots have done that with beer, too.

So, on to markets.

Every once in a while I check the numbers just to see if things are as bad as I suspect they are. In the last eight days the Japanese Nikkei 225 stock index has lost 10.8%. Reckon that Abe-nomix has hit a little hiccup.

Since 21 January when the present waterslide began, the Dow has lost 969.2 points or 5.9%.

Today the Dow bounced up 72.44 (0.47%) to 15,445.24. S&P500 clawed back 13.31 (0.76%) to 1,755.20.

Where does that leave stocks? Launched off a cliff, lifted on a tiny updraft, with no ledge in sight. Dow cut through its 200 DMA yesterday, bounced back to it today, but has little reason to stop here. More likely place is 14,760. But of course I could be fooled, & if the Dow turns, climbs, & crosses 16,000 y'all will know I was. Otherwise, bet on gravity.

Gold fell $8.70 at Comex close today & stocks rose, but by the end of the day the Dow in Gold had risen only 0.7% to 12.32 oz (G$254.68 gold dollars). Dow in silver fell 0.51% to 792.47 oz, and is trying to break down. In case y'all have forgotten: Dow in Metals down, good for metals; Dow in Metals up, bad for metals. These indicators show the value of stocks in metals, whether metals are gaining or losing value against stocks.

Since mid-September the US dollar index has been jailed between 81.50 and 79.70, with one spike to 79.06 in October. It rises, it falls, it makes neither progress nor regress. Today it gained 10 basis points to 81.24. Unless it can jump over 81.60 or falls below 79.50, it's just jawing.

The euro, however, declineth in earnest. Down another 0.1% today to $1.3515. If the euro's chart were your EKG, you'd be scrambling for the phone to make sure your burial insurance was up to date. Hard to see why it won't sink to $1.3300 at least.

The radioactive Yen, on the other hand, is rallying in earnest, from a 94.83 c/Y100 low in January to 98.31 today, down 0.54% for the day but aiming for the 200 DMA at 100.1.

Gold dropped as low as $1,246.80 & the 20 DMA ($1,247.44) but came right back to close Comex at $1,251.70. Then it gained $3.20 in the aftermarket. Silver gained an infinitesimal 1.3 cents to 1940.2c.

Gold is trading out into the nose of a triangle formed by its rising uptrend line and the downtrend from its April high. See chart at

This is an even sided triangle so could break either way, but gold remains above its 20 & 50 DMAs and has been steadily advancing, recovering every time it is knocked back. Reasonable to expect it might cut through that post-April downtrend this week, barring a close below $1237.50.

Since December began silver has traded sidewise between 2050c & 1889c, with one intraday low at 1872c. It has just bounced off that roughly 1890 support again, and now needs to cross 1950c and get past 2050c.

Other reasons to look for gold's rally to continue: the gold/silver ratio appears to have peaked and begun dropping. The Gold/Philadelphia Bank Index, which reflects investor confidence and risk appetite, has been falling since December ended. See chart against gold price at Think about it: when investors buy bank stocks, which are mostly the Too Big To Fail/Too Big To Jail banks, they MUST have confidence in the financial system and its outlook. On the other hand, buying gold shows a lack of confidence in those same stocks, and turning away from risk toward safety. The chart divides the gold price by the bank stock index so when it rises bank stocks (the denominator) are gaining on gold (the numerator), and vice versa when it falls.

On 4 February 1787 Shay's Rebellion in which debt-ridden Massachusetts farmers revolted, failed. Same only story: shoot the debtors if they complain.

On 4 February 1861 the Confederate Constitutional convention met for the first time in Montgomery, Alabama and elected Jefferson Davis our first president of the Confederate States for a six-year term.

Argentum et aurum comparanda sunt —
Silver and gold must be bought.

— Franklin Sanders, The Moneychanger

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4-Feb-14 Price Change % Change
Gold, $/oz 1,251.70 -8.70 -0.69%
Silver, $/oz 19.40 0.01 0.07%
Gold/Silver Ratio 64.514 -0.492 -0.76%
Silver/Gold Ratio 0.0155 0.0001 0.76%
Platinum 1,371.80 -13.20 -0.95%
Palladium 699.90 -2.60 -0.37%
S&P 500 1,755.20 13.31 0.76%
Dow 15,445.24 72.44 0.47%
Dow in GOLD $s 255.08 2.95 1.17%
Dow in GOLD oz 12.34 0.14 1.17%
Dow in SILVER oz 796.06 3.20 0.40%
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Aust. 100 corona 0.98 1,223.90 1,232.90 1,257.81
British sovereign 0.24 297.18 309.18 1,313.41
French 20 franc 0.19 236.05 239.09 1,280.61
Krugerrand 1.00 1,272.47 1,282.47 1,282.47
Maple Leaf 1.00 1,269.90 1,284.90 1,284.90
1/2 Maple Leaf 0.50 721.57 658.82 1,317.65
1/4 Maple Leaf 0.25 320.00 335.69 1,342.74
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