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I haven't written about Scotland's secession referendum coming up on Thursday, but that belies its importance. It witnesses a centuries-long social trend of centralization reversing, & has immediate consequences for the EU as well.

Scots, like Greeks, can prosper like kudzu anywhere in the world except in their own nation. There they engage in ceaseless cuttings & shootings, and formerly, cattle-stealing raids into England. I know, because my ancestors lived on the rustling border before they moved to Northern Ireland, thence to America. We Scotch Irish never met a grudge we didn't like, and couldn't carry for generations. We are born fighting, and if nobody else is there, will gladly fight each other.

Scotland & England shared a king from the accession of James I in 1605. The 1707 Act of Union merged their parliaments as well. Wales, Ireland, & Northern Ireland were added later to the United Kingdom. I will not list out the UK's contributions and accomplishments in science, industry, and self government. I'd need days.

With 5,327,700 inhabitants, Scotland claims about 8.3% of the UK's 64 million population. (Tennessee has 6.4 million, Colorado 5.26 million). With 30,414 square miles (about the size of South Carolina), Scotland has 32.3% of the UK's land area.

I'm guessing the Scots enjoy the same ignorant contempt from most of the rest of the UK that Southerners enjoy in the US. What other US citizens, and I suspect UK subjects as well, don't grasp is how deep a nation's consciousness flows in its children's blood. You drink it in with your mother's milk. (By "nation" I refer back to the word's Latin root, which means "to be born." One is born into a nation, one doesn't join it.) Just as other US citizens can never understand the thrill that passes through Southern hearts whenever we hear our now-banned anthem, Dixie, so I suspect UK subjects don't get the appeal of "Scots wha hae" to Scottish hearts. To cling to one's own people, to delight in them, is a response as strong and natural as breathing.

Don't miss this: this in-born nationalism has been suppressed since the rise of the corporation state and its centralizing trend. Since roughly 1600 power has flowed away from peripheries and nationalities to centralized non-human corporation states. Before loyalty had been sworn to a human, a king, but the sovereign was replaced by a non-human legal fiction, a corporation. Nationalities were scorned, suppressed, and shoehorned into central corporation states.

The peak of the centralizing trend, not the continuation, is witnessed by the present sole world-wide hegemony of the American empire. It has beaten all the other empires and centralized all power within itself. Yet for at least the last 30 years the trend has been turning from centralization to DE-centralization. For the next three centuries or so power will consistently flow away from centralized states to decentralized peoples and peripheries. The central state will fight the trend with bloody fang & claw.

Proof is found in in the unquenchable nationalism of Catalan and the Basque country in Spain, the Celtic areas of France, Northern Italy and the Liga Nord's desire to secede from southern Italy, Bavaria, Serbia, Croatia, and a host of nations within the old Soviet Union, not to mention the latent nationalism of the American South. The last 5 years of crisis have shown the incompetence of central states as well as the European Union's imperial administration. Meanwhile, for the last 60 year and more the US has been perfecting its imperial overreach that now stretches to hundreds of overseas bases & wars on several fronts at once, setting itself up for grand failure.

None of this is a recipe for stability as personal loyalties are transferred from artificial states to nations and even to NGOs that represent common interests. The corporation state as an institution has all the bright future of the passenger pigeon.

Since the parties pushing for Scottish independence are largely socialist & since Scotland is presently a net tax consumer in the UK, secession will not help Scotland's economy or the people's plight. Never mind, whether Scotland votes to secede or not, the idea is loose and the trend favors it. Referendum in Scotland will be followed by referenda for the Catalans, Basques, Walloons and Flemings, Northern Italians, and on and on. Nothing is so powerful as an idea whose time has come.

Finally, Scottish independence would deeply wound the UK's strength. Long term, it will also work against the European Union's cohesion.

Remember this decentralizing trend. It will be the most powerful force in social development for the next several centuries.

Now to markets: That "idea" I mentioned yesterday took the form in the stock market today of "Janet Yellum won't change anything tomorrow" which provided an excuse for the market to rise. But in the US dollar index, where the bet has been Mother Yellum would raise interest rates soon, speculators were starting to puke in their waste baskets.

Dow today made a new intraday high, but not a new high close. Rose 100.83 (0.6%) to 17,131.97. S&P500 added 14.85 (0.75%) to 1,998.98. That brought the Dow but not the S&P500 back up to the level it had been eroding from for the last two weeks.

Dow in Gold hit a new high today at 13.85 oz (G$286.30 gold dollars), higher by half an ounce than the December high. Sho' nuff Fish or Cut Bait Time. Must reverse soon, I'd say tomorrow.

Dow in silver rose 0.34% to 915.12 oz (S$1,183.19 silver dollars). Tomorrow would be a good time for the DiS to turn 'round, too.

US dollar index gave up 15 basis points (0.17%) to 84.22. Still fighting and fiddling with that 9 year downtrend line. A fall here would not necessarily negate the potential for the dollar to break out later. Disappointing interest rate news out of the FOMC tomorrow will send the dollar skidding. Euro gained 0.15% to $1.2960 while the yen moved up only 0.04% to 93.33.

Blasted FOMC meeting has cast its destabilizing pall over all markets. Gold rose $1.60 to $1,235.20 today, silver gained ten cents to 1865.6c. Both are waiting for the FOMC announcement.

Have y'all noticed that throughout the last week's weakness the gold/silver ratio has not moved much, staying in the 66+ range. That's positive for both metals, because when they are plunging with determination, that ratio soars.

Once again we see the great Federal Reserve which was supposed to stabilize markets only destabilizes markets by its interference. When they make me dictator the first thing I'll do is abolish the Fed. Second thing is pull the funding for NPR. Third thing will be to legalize raw milk and Farm Gate Sales. SPECIAL OFFER -- My overstocked Krugerrands

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Silver/Gold Ratio 0.0151 0.0001 0.41%
Platinum 1,368.80 3.80 0.28%
Palladium 844.20 7.30 0.87%
S&P 500 1,998.98 14.85 0.75%
Dow 17,131.97 100.83 0.59%
Dow in GOLD $s 286.71 1.32 0.46%
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1/10 AE 0.10 129.63 135.30 1,352.98
Aust. 100 corona 0.98 1,200.23 1,209.23 1,233.66
British sovereign 0.24 292.61 304.61 1,293.99
French 20 franc 0.19 232.42 235.49 1,261.31
Krugerrand 1.00 1,249.19 1,259.19 1,259.19
Maple Leaf 1.00 1,250.60 1,265.60 1,265.60
1/2 Maple Leaf 0.50 710.47 648.69 1,297.38
1/4 Maple Leaf 0.25 315.08 330.52 1,322.09
1/10 Maple Leaf 0.10 130.97 134.68 1,346.80
Mexican 50 peso 1.21 1,477.72 1,488.72 1,234.74
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US 40% silver 1/2s 0.30 5,333.60 5,483.60 18.59
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10 oz .999 bar 10.00 192.30 193.30 19.33
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