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I am writing this at 2:50 Central time, before stock & currency markets close but after silver & gold have closed. Prices are below.

No point in talking about markets before the election results are in, but I want to put a bug in the ear to urge y'all to think holistically or systemically.

Loads of operatives in the politics industry -- Americans turn everything into an industry -- want you to believe that changing this or that little element in the system -- even changing the president or passing some amendment -- will change things.

Nothing could be further from the truth. This is whole-blindness, staring at the parts instead of the whole and fatuously wishing that changing some part will correct the whole.

With the yankee government, we are dealing with a SYSTEM. The whole system works together, and changing a president changes nothing. As proof, look at the last 36 years. Reagan changed things? Hardly. Biggest spender in US history until that time. Same holds for all his rotten successors, & most of his 20th century predecessors.

You are dealing with a SYSTEM, where over 50% of income comes from government spending, about 3/5 of that from federal spending, and about 2/5 from state & local government spending. Read that again, & draw the obvious inference: there is NO US economy, there is a one-legged economy that cannot stand without government spending.

So am I against incremental improvements & change? Not at all, but they are bootless, worthless, & feckless unless they aim at changing a SYSTEM which stands strong because like so many piglets half of everybody is sucking on the government teat. I'm not talking welfare, either, but defense spending & subsidies, which dwarf welfare spending. Every farmer who receives subsidies, only about 20% of farmers, in fact, will fight like an enraged mother banshee to keep that subsidy. More, the banks long ago seized control of Washington, so no politician will cross them by reforming them. No politician will stop NAFTA, GAFTA, or BLAFTA shipping US jobs overseas because the corporations who profit from slave labor own the politicians.

The entire system is ordered to profit a few at the many's expense.

Technically the system is FASCISM or national socialism or corporativism. Its strength is in the number of piglets at the teat. It began in this country in 1865 and grew to maturity during the New Deal. Since then it has metastasized into every crevice of privacy and life. To continue the metaphor, the System is the cancer, and the cancer must be killed or it will kill the body.

Most of all, the SYSTEM kills freedom, because human freedom is its most lethal enemy. Government claims to be god, and so like god, it must know and control everything. Freedom cannot coexist with the fascist state, nor can privacy.

I am not against incremental change, or even political activity, but you must view it holistically and systemically. Unless your activity works to change or eliminate the system, it only wastes your time & feeds the System's political industry. Far better to spend your efforts at the state & local level, removing taxes and regulations and restoring freedom in your own community. You have more leverage there than anywhere, and certainly more than at the national level.

Bear in mind: It is a System that troubles you, not a president, not a judge, not a constitutional amendment, not one law, but an entire System that oppresses you.

So take heart: whichever vile teenager wins today, you still have plenty of work to keep you busy dismantling their SYSTEM. Never let them make you think you "are the only one who thinks like you do" or that there is no hope. Brick by brick they built it, and brick by brick we can, and will, take it down.

Argentum et aurum comparanda sunt —
Silver and gold must be bought.

— Franklin Sanders, The Moneychanger

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