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Friday flushed out profit takers in silver & gold & offered stocks the chance to rally back for a kiss good-bye to the breakdown point

Here's an S&P500 chart,

You see the huge fall, a key reversal next day, then a rise back to the line where the SP500 broke down in the first place. This does no more than fill the gap left behind by the plunge. The Old Market Proverb says, "Gaps are always filled, and this one just was. Time to continue falling now.

My outlook remains that after a painful correction stocks will see one final all-time high, although that expectation would be demolished by an S&P close below 2,195.

Now behold the US dollar index at

It broke support at 98 and has kept right on falling. Shooting for 95? This is getting serious. At some point here the dollar index won't be able to recover. The Nice Government Men and central bankers in Washington & Brussels will soon be running to the department store for extra deodorant.

On Comex gold rose $8.00 (0.6%) to 1,260.70. Silver vaulted 39.3¢ (2.3%) to 1714.3¢, pretty well smashing 1700¢ resistance. Five day charts for both metals leave me thinking Friday was a little correction that introduced the next leg up.

On the six month chart here, y'all will note that after cracking the uptrend line from December 2015, gold caught its footing on the neckline of that November - January upside down head & Shoulders, and is now bumping its head on the downtrend line from the July 2016 high -- and resistance from $1,260 - $1,265.

Nat'ral born durn fool from Tennessee that I am, why do I believe gold will climb yet more? Look at the RSI up top -- it has only just crossed the 50% mark, so has plenty of room to rise. Look beneath the chart at the MACD. The fast line has just crossed above the slow and has not yet risen above zero -- plenty of room to rise. AND gold stands above its 200 DMA.

Now glance at the Gold/Silver Ratio,

That high from 9 May still holds. The ratio recovered slightly, but fell again and today gapped down through the 20 Day Moving Average, probably a breakaway gap, which usually is not filled (despite the proverb). Since the ratio usually drops in strong gold/silver rallies, the ratio is also pointing to higher prices.

Bear in mind (he said, hedging,) that gold must wade through an Okefenokee swamp of resistance betwixt here $1,260 & $1,306. Not far above that, about $1,320 today, lies the downtrend line from the 2011 high. Gold above that point will attract buyers like teenage girls attract teenage boys.

I will miss y'all most of this week. I have ot finish my monthly Moneychanger newsletter for paid subscribers tomorrow, and Wednesday I'm driving with my daughter Liberty & two of her sons to a wedding in Wichita. I'm worried about getting across the border into Kansas since I'm from Tennessee, but we may try it at night on a backroad. I'll be back next Tuesday.

Wednesday I get to celebrate my birthday travelling. I'm not going to tell y'all how old I am, but y'all can be sure the Nice Government Men know.

Every month in the Moneychanger I write a personal letter to my readers. I came across the January 2013 issue today with a picture of Susan in an elegant green dress, sitting at a table wineglass in hand, in front of the stone fireplace at The Shoe. I'll share it with y'all, because it will give you some insight into her sweet & romantic character:

"Although I'm looking forward to spring, winter is not over yet, and I am still enjoying it. Our log house, the Shoe, has one very long room where you enter, about 30 feet long and maybe 12 feet wide. About half way there is an offset 12 feet wide and six feet deep where our limestone fireplace stands, with a raised stone hearth. I call this the Fireplace That Should Not Work. Built without any bend in the flue, it goes straight up to the sky. Oddly enough, it's the most efficient fireplace I've ever used. That limestone heats up course by course, then through then night gives back its heat. Above in the offset a window opens into the second floor, so the heat rises upstairs.

"Only problem is, Susan and I usually eat in the kitchen/dining room, and don't get to enjoy the fire. This week I was upstairs in my study, working on this newsletter as a matter of fact, and she was bustling away downstairs fixing supper. When she called me downstairs, I found she had set up a card table in front of the fire, lit the candles, opened a delicious bottle of wine, a gift from a friend in California, and grilled a steak.

"It was the best restaurant I've ever eaten at, sitting right in front of the fire."

Argentum et aurum comparanda sunt —
Silver and gold must be bought.

— Franklin Sanders, The Moneychanger

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22-May-17 Price Change % Change
Gold, $/oz 1,260.70 8.00 0.64%
Silver, $/oz 17.14 0.39 2.35%
Gold/Silver Ratio 73.540 -1.248 -1.67%
Silver/Gold Ratio 0.0136 0.0002 1.70%
Platinum 947.80 10.10 1.08%
Palladium 758.95 -1.60 -0.21%
S&P 500 2,394.02 12.29 0.52%
Dow 20,894.83 89.99 0.43%
Dow in GOLD $s 342.61 -0.70 -0.20%
Dow in GOLD oz 16.57 -0.03 -0.20%
Dow in SILVER oz 1,218.85 -23.23 -1.87%
US Dollar Index 97.27 0.12 0.12%
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1/4 AE 0.25 317.85 337.94 1,351.77
1/10 AE 0.10 127.14 137.70 1,376.96
Aust. 100 corona 0.98 1,223.74 1,232.74 1,257.64
British sovereign 0.24 296.56 301.56 1,281.04
French 20 franc 0.19 235.20 239.20 1,281.22
Krugerrand 1.00 1,269.88 1,279.88 1,279.88
Maple Leaf 1.00 1,269.80 1,280.80 1,280.80
1/2 Maple Leaf 0.50 724.39 661.40 1,322.79
1/4 Maple Leaf 0.25 321.25 337.00 1,347.99
1/10 Maple Leaf 0.10 133.54 137.32 1,373.18
Mexican 50 peso 1.21 1,505.15 1,516.15 1,257.48
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100 oz .999 bar 100.00 1,690.50 1,735.50 17.36
10 oz .999 bar 10.00 169.05 174.55 17.46
1 oz .999 round 1.00 16.91 17.51 17.51
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