A Plan to Sell?

Unlike diamonds, investments are not forever. They are made to be bought and sold. There is a season and a time for everything, even a time for selling gold and silver.

You never have a profit until you realise it. Until you cash in, it’s all just chin boogie.

Where am I going? You ought to have a plan to sell your gold and silver. You ought to have target prices for selling. You ought to have a plan for physically moving your gold and silver, for packing it up and shipping it off.

The most frequent problem I encounter with people who want to sell gold and silver is they have no idea what they have. They have lost the original invoice and can’t remember what they bought.

If you have lost your paperwork, open the bag or box and look at your metals. Determine what you have. Call us, we’ll be glad to help you.

Then contact us and request our free Moneychanger Portfolio Calculator, a highly useful Excel spreadsheet. Fill it out, and use it to keep up with the value of your portfolio. Or at least put it someplace where you can find it when you get ready to sell.

Another problem we encounter is that people have not examined and counted their metals purchases. You ought to count each and every gold coin, and at least weigh silver coin (a $1,000 face value bag weighs 54.5 pounds net, a little more with a cloth bag). Forget about sealed bags. Break the seals and count and examine the contents. Do yourself a favour. Make sure you know what sort of gold and silver you have, and make a plan to sell when the time comes.