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  • OsteoStrong

    This unique new exercise regime is reversing bone loss and strength loss, improving balance, and eliminating back and joint pain—and shows promise for lowering chronic A1C levels for Type II diabetics.

  • The Eggplant Cure for Cancer

    Dr. Cham has discovered a non-surgical, non-invasive cure for basal cell carcinoma that clinical studies show works 100%, removing the cancer and restoring the skin and flesh it had eroded.

  • Living Longer, Healthier & Better

    Dr. Jonathan Wright was the first to research and establish an extensive library of medical journal articles concerning diet, vitamins, minerals, botanicals, and other natural remedies.

  • Hormone Replacement Therapy for Men & Women

    Dr. Wright, a true alternative health pioneer and champion of medical freedom, wrote the very first prescriptions for bio-identical hormones in North America.

  • Curing the Incurable: Vitamin C, Infectious Diseases and Toxins

    by Dr. Thomas E. Levy, MD, JD

  • Nerve Regeneration, Lithium, Alzheimer's Protection & the War on Medical Freedom

    Dr. Jonathan Wright is a pioneer in researching and applying natural treatments for healthy aging and illness, and a hero of medical science and freedom.

  • 10 Supplements to Strengthen the Heart

    As recommended by Dr. Jonathan Wright. These are not merely for patients with heart trouble, but for everybody with a heart.

  • "Is Today the Day I Die?"

    To look at Richard Morris you would never have guessed that he used to asked himself that question every morning. Mr. Morris has chronicled his story—and his discovery—in his book, A Life Unburdened: Getting Over Weight and Getting On With My Life.

  • The Mood Cure

    The vast majority of Americans identify with some kind of mood problem. If you're one of them, you'll doubtless benefit from the research and writings of Julia Ross.

  • Chelation, Candidiasis and Alternative Medicine

    "Modern medicine can fairly well control acute diseases, but it has not adequately addressed chronic conditions like arteriosclerosis. Good alternative medicine aims at curing or modifying those diseases," says Dr. Glen Wilcoxson.

  • Amazing Calcium Therapy Cures Gum Disease and More

    A Mississippi dentist told us about Dr. Mark Manhart's calcium therapy and its amazing results on teeth. When I finally ordered the products and tried them, I was astounded at their efficacy and inexpensiveness, and not on teeth alone.

  • No More "Taste Powder"

    Start paying attention to labels and you’ll be astonished how many products contain “natural flavouring, spices, yeast extract, textured protein, soy protein extract, etc.”

  • Bypassing Bypass: Chelation Therapy

    Dr. Elmer Cranton wrote the book on chelation therapy—literally. Even those who have heard about chelation therapy generally know it only as an effective, inexpensive alternative to coronary bypass surgery. But chelation also has many other applications.

  • Back Pain? Try This

    Over a decade ago a friend of mine avoided back surgery by discovering something called "myotherapy" in Pain Erasure the Bonnie Prudden Way by Bonnie Prudden.

  • The Truth Behind the Clinical Trial of the Enzyme Treatment of Cancer

    In 1993 Dr. Gonzalez was invited to present 25 of his cases to a National Cancer Institute meeting in Washington. The results were amazing, but as the study progressed he found the administrators sabotaging the study from every direction.

  • Nutritional Cancer Therapy

    Can you really treat cancer without surgery, chemotherapy and radiation? Dr. Nicholas Gonzalez explains the Kelley Therapy—diet, supplements, and detoxification.

  • Are Supplements Worth It?

    "Most of us are far removed from natural food, many soils on which the foods are grown are depleted, and our bodies have to overcome a number of toxins and additives in food," says Dr. Ward Dean.

  • Glyconutrients

    "In 12 years of medical training I was taught virtually nothing about nutrition... Over the last 18 years I have slowly come to realise that nutrition is the most important thing anyone in health care could study," says Dr. Reg McDaniel.

  • Macular Degeneration

    Macular degeneration is a terrible illness that can cause blindness. Although many physicians say that it is incurable, Dr. Jonathan Wright has made breakthroughs with nutritional supplements.

  • What You Don’t Know About Vitamin B12 Can Hurt You

    According to Dr. John Dommisse, B12 could be the answer to Alzheimer’s, chronic pain, degenerative arthritis, and more.

  • Detox Pads: Crazy As It Sounds, They Work!

    When you feel bad enough, you’ll try anything, regardless how silly it looks. Recommended by Catherine Austin Fitts.

  • Snoring

    "Why do people who snore always fall asleep first?” I asked. It was joke, but I got a serious response from Dr. Allen Roberds.

  • Mild Silver Protein

    Using silver in medicine is not some goofy alternative that just popped up last week. It was and is mainstream medicine.

  • Biofrequency Generator: Quack or Cure?

    According to Dr. Glen Wilcoxson, "It appears that the biofrequency generator will be the foundation of medicine to come." Judge for yourself.