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  • Signs the Credit Bubble Is Bursting

    According to Daniel Oliver of Myrmikan Research, history shows that bubbles form when the banking system creates credit instead of allocating savings.

  • Daniel Oliver of Myrmikan Research

    Daniel Oliver's work is concise and brings a historical perspective to bear, rather than focusing on the next or last ten minutes.

  • Prudence: Managing Currency Risk with Silver & Gold

    The US dollar’s currency risk has so changed investment conditions that conventional investment wisdom no longer works. In fact, it has become a death trap.

  • Why Silver Will Outperform Gold 400%

    The best way to profit from the present bull market in gold and silver is to swap back and forth from silver to gold with the rise and fall in the gold/silver ratio.

  • Restoring Freedom

    Three freedoms must be restored: Monetary Freedom, Economic Freedom, and Food Freedom. Without restoring all, we won’t restore any.

  • Steps to Rebuilding Your Local Economy

    Simple, practical steps that you can take personally—today.

  • Interest Rates, Bond Prices, and the Credit Cycle

    The inverse relation between bond or asset prices and the discount or interest rate isn’t self-evident to the uninitiated. Why do bond prices move opposite to interest rates?

  • Are Free Markets Dead?

    Is there any market left, besides masked government mules and the ticks who ride their hides? Free markets depend on the rule of law, transparency, and a level playing field.

  • Why the Prudent Man Ain't

    The “Prudent Man Rule” requires that those entrusted with funds for another entity (fiduciary responsibility) should act as a prudent man would act. Following the prudent man rule may be legally accepted, but it leads to disaster and flies in the face of prudence.

  • The ZIRP Boomerang, Conceptual Blindness, and the Way Out

    Keith Weiner, founder of the Gold Standard Institute USA and CEO of Monetary Metals, offers a fresh approach to monetary science.

  • The Money Bubble: What to Do Before It Pops

    An interview with James Turk, author and inventor of GoldMoney.

  • Forever Blowing Bubbles, But Sometimes They Pop

    Good things are not coming. Happy days aren’t here again. The only way to protect yourself is to hold assets whose value isn't determined within the failing system.

  • An Interview with James Turk

    James Turk and I met in 1985, and have been friends ever since. Frankly, he's brilliant—and steady. He kindly made time for this interview in May 2013.

  • The Parable of the Cards

    It came to pass that five men, strangers all, took ship for a distant land. And whilst the ship was in the way, a fierce storm overtook it, and it sank, and all aboard drowned, save the five passengers, who swam to a desert island...

  • Fiat Money in History

    Fiat money gradually poisons any economy it invades. The corruption of money always begins the complete corruption of a nation. It always works this way. History doesn’t show any exceptions.

  • The Cost of Fiat Money

    Seigniorage is what you pay for using somebody else’s money. Aren’t you glad we don’t have to wear out our pockets carrying around gold and silver coin? Too expensive to use that stuff!

  • Numismatics: If You Have 'Em, Certify 'Em

    If you own numismatic coins and they have not yet been grade-certified and authenticated by a grading service, you probably ought to have them certified.

  • Simplex Munditis

    "Elegant simplicity" was the rule the Roman poet Horace laid down for the uttermost refinement of taste.

  • The Value of Doing Nothing

    There come times when doing anything is worse than doing nothing.

  • On the High Cost of Owning Physical Gold and Silver

    Sooner or later everything comes back to physicals. A wife’s kiss always beats a wife’s letter.

  • Some Things I Don't Know

    And since I don’t know these things, I just have to reason my way through it, take what seems to be the best course, and wait to see how it unfolds.

  • Silver Then and Gold Now: Is it Really the Same?

    Gold bears like to compare the present gold market to silver after 1873. Nice try, but circumstances are too different for an analogy.

  • The Wages of Sin (Are Paid in Fiat Money)

    "For God shall bring every work into judgment, with every secret thing, whether it be good, or whether it be evil."

  • A Plan to Sell?

    There is a season and a time for everything, even a time for selling gold and silver.

  • Bimetallism: The Only Enduring Standard

    The cure for our monetary woes is not a gold standard, but a return to a sound, self-correcting bimetallic gold and silver standard.

  • Separating You from Your Money

    If you want to invest in gold, then invest in gold, not quasi-rare coins with inflated prices pumped up by companies with boiler-rooms full of telephone salesmen.