A Moneychanger Book Review

Crashmaker: A Federal Affaire

by Victor Sperandeo and Alvaro Almeida

Two volumes, 1,572 pages, hardbound—ISBN 0-9671759-0-9

In the news in the past few days that the Russian Central bank has made gold and silver coins legal tender for the first time in a century. What gives? The Russians backing hard money?

I was astonished not so much at that, but at life imitating art, specifically Crashmaker, a novel by Victor Sperandeo and Alvaro Almeida (Edwin Vieira’s pen name). Only the combination of a mind schooled in the intricacies of markets and a mind schooled in the law, politics, and history could produce one of the most intriguing, original, and exciting novels I’ve ever read. 

We know how fragile the fraudulent monetary and financial system is, but have you ever wondered—no, longed to see—what would happen if a small, savvy group of people decided to bring down the system with it own leverage? Crashmaker tells that story.

Because he’s been a friend so long, I felt free to twist Edwin Vieira’s arm for a discount to Moneychanger readers. You can save 33% on this deluxe two-volume hard-back edition by calling (800) 247-6553 or visiting crashmaker.com. Ask for “the Moneychanger discount.”