Customer Reviews & Testimonials

Here's what our customers have to say about us.

Periodically we send our customers a survey and ask them to honestly evaluate their experience with us. With their permission, here are some of the most recent responses.

Treated me like family and gained my business for life! — C.S. in Texas

Don't tell me how much you care, show me—and you did. Thanks. — D.S. in Ohio

I thought I knew what I needed/wanted. I called for gold purchases and was given the option for silver with a full explanation why it was a better buy. In the end, the choice was still mine. This educated buyer couldn't be happier. — E.T. in Texas

I am relatively new to gold and silver investment. Both Franklin and his son have spent time with me on the phone explaining investment strategies. I have read Franklin's books and followed suggested websites. I feel that this family is honorable, honest, and aware of my best interest in the gold/silver investing market. — B.B. in California

I really appreciated not feeling pressured in any way and that my questions were answered so clearly! — D.S. in Illinois

I had the opportunity to speak with Mr. Sanders personally when I was unable to determine the best course of action. He then told me I could call and ask for him if I needed further assistance. I was delighted. — E.K. in Florida

I received a great and honest deal. You don't talk people into buying what they should not buy or what might be most profitable to you… you care as much about my bottom line as your bottom line. — D.M. in Virginia

I made my first buy after reading Franklin's bio, The Most Dangerous Man in the Mid-South. I admired his holding strong to his principles. Business wise, he's always taken care of and given favorable rates to my family and referrals. All transactions were handled expeditiously. I'm very pleased to do business with the whole family and staff. — B.M. in Florida

An error was corrected promptly. Integrity maintained. — B.T. in Colorado

I've recommended The Moneychanger for years and never had a buyer come back disappointed in their decision to try buying from you. Selfless assistance with the buyer's best interest in mind is worth a lot! — B.M. in Indiana

Appreciated the casual tone of my conversations with you. Felt I was getting honest feedback. — D.L. in Michigan

Personal conversation with kind, genuine, down-to-earth folks. They take an interest in you as a person! — D.W. in Pennsylvania